Hi everyone, it took a long time, close to a year to be exact for me to finally start the other blog that i will “keep” updated on a “regular basis”. Friends and family should be happy.

On the other hand this blog will be mostly geared towards all the gadgets, softwares and mostly unique designs gathered during my journeys around the world. Also, the blog will be (is in fact) the prelude to my website(portfolio) Ntaboo’s playground, first in the alter-ego series.  That means that occasionally i will give you an update on the site, give samples of my portfolio, upload videos from photo shoot, commercial shoot or clips from concerts (I have a band now). You get the idea…

Most people know that i’m currently in Japan(not for long, heading to Korea soon, then Singapore) land of cuteness and eccentrics. I was delighted by the graphic design community around here, style is different, the drive is the same. It’s only normal that i refer some of my favorite sites on here.

Basically, anything that will catch my attention will be on here. With that said Welcome to the diary.


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