Hype Williams x N*E*R*D

yesterday i was watching Tv and i saw a video that caught my eyes. The vid for the remix of Everybody nose from N*E*R*D featuring Kanye, Lupe and Pusha-T. Now that video is sick(as in good), the concept is totally new and fresh(i think). Knowing N*E*R*D style and eccentricity i’m not really surprise about it but, being able to execute is just plain (i repeat sick). The video is pixelated, much more like a tribute to the Donkey Kong era video games, which are featured in the Video (makes sense since there’s a huge red monkey on the Cover of their album), or more recently like the code monkeys, and animated series from G4 Tv. Direction is on point, the graphic colorful and edgy, the music out of this world and Lupe’s lyrics are (as always) a delight for the mind. 

Simply put, it’s a well done video orchestrated by Hype, with N*E*R*D on the music. (makes sense?)


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