Takashi Murakami x Kanye West = Goodmorning

This video been out for a minute and i was hesitating before posting because i thought i saw it before but to a different song. See, i think correct me if i’m wrong, but sometime earlier this year or late last year, there was a sneak peak of the video Champion that circulated on the internet and think it was with the animation from Murakami-sensei, demo, now, champion is out but under Neon’s direction and features a puppet version of Kanye. The whole thing was and still is confusing to me. Kind of like the other video for flashing light that was shot in Europe but never aired and replaced by the one currently showing on TV.

Anyway, the video is amazing, the story is nice, though i think the action is faster than the song, as in the tempo is kinda of, which brings me back to Champion, try this, put the video on mute and play champion instead. Let me know what you think.

Nice work!!


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