Nike+Apple VS Adidas+Samsung

One of the latest sporting trends (not really but) running, has everybody crazy about technology. Actually i think it’s the other way around, Technology drove people back into working out. It’s the vanity in the people, like “oh check out my new mp3 player..yeah..did i mention that it’s a phone too…?” 

With that mindset, it was then easy to put more and more gadgets out that would boost your “geek” ego or “cool factor” while at the gym, or wherever else you like to show off.

Nike always in the forefront of innovation, launched its Nike+ campaign, to help you work out the proper way. They had the shoes and the technology to do it on their own, but the smart thing to do at the time, was the get on the wagon that everybody dreamed about(at least from a marketing point of view) the Ipod. I mean come on, who else at the time, had the mp3 service world on lock, Apple of course. It only made sense. 

All that to say that i liked the work they put out to promote both brands, some their work includes Nike+Human race, featuring a series of artist “putting a show” for the average joe/jane during his/her work out.

But also a series of spot promoting the Human race 10K challenge, featuring athletes such as Lance Armstrong and Serena Williams and other celebrities trash talking, setting up challenges amongst themselves to participate in the race. Interesting…

Adidas on the other is staying from the whole rockstar, celebrity status type of appeal. Focusing on the athlete and the essence of exercising: getting in Shape! Partnering with Korean giant Samsung, they’re launching the Mycoach campaign featuring a new phone from Samsung, serving as you personal trainer, keeping you inform on all elements of your cardio while you train(motivational speech included) adding a more “human touch” the whole experience. Adidas is also providing compatible gear (which includes a “tap” remote hidden in the clothes), duh factor moment here. Their first spot is simply efficient, right on point and quite entertaining, with a soundtrack provided by Ed Banger.


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