Louis Vuitton x Vogue Japan

So i just saw the shots for the Louis Vuitton Spread in the latest Japanese Men’s edition of Vogue magazine. Let me say this: だいすき!!。 Beautiful work by photographer Daniel Sannwald, the 3D integration is flawless. Nice choice of the model, ressemble some previous work for Daft Punk (but) すごいかな。Note: i gave each picture a name,let me know what you think of it.


3 responses to “Louis Vuitton x Vogue Japan

  1. Hi, where did you find those oictures?
    They are not in the magazine?
    At least not in my issue.
    And good choice of model?
    I can’t see anything of him…

  2. Well they’ve been circulating on the internet, for quite sometimes now. I’m surprise it’s not in your magazine. I take it you have the latest edition of Vogue Japan. Hum, I got my reference from Fubiz.net and Kanye West’s blog. Hope it helps.

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