Crispin Porter & Bogusky X Windows = Advertising

So unlike everyone i decided to wait before giving my two sense on the new Advertising campaign for Windows. Everybody by now should be familiar with the commercials(yes that plural) with Seinfeld and Gates. Now the ads are mimicking Jerry’s famous show, in the sense that they’re about “nothing”. I’m guessing in the office room it sounded cool, but the execution (nicely done) didn’t cut it(at least for me). The latest one called New family, is quite…interesting


Anyway, they realized that these weren’t too hot(i hope) and decided to go into a new direction, which is quite good, really interesting. The new spot from agency Crispin Porter & Bogusky opens with the same actor playing PC in the Apple commercial:  “Hello. I’m a PC. And I’ve been made into a stereotype,” now that’s cool, because it’s true. Now the aim was to show what users look like. Quite a list of “hip people” appear in the ad.

I like the concept a lot but i can already see alot of parody show up based on it.(Hi…Hi…Hi…Hi…I think i just froze). Good job nonetheless, can wait to see more


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