The US of A

So i’m finally (not really, but kind of) settle in the beautiful city of Dallas Texas. I have to say i haven’t seen much of the city yet. Oooh before i forget, Congratulations to the new president-elect, Barack Obama. (a close friend of mine helped with the campaign, good works) I’ve been busy working, working, writing, painting, working, designing here and there…you know the drill. I’ve some big announcements coming (involves: skateboards+snowboards+ clothing+ design) Really excited about the move, i really miss Japan more than ever, but i think i did my time there. (still have to gather more boxes from there though) 

Everything is definitely bigger in Texas!(pictures coming soon) Ideas are fusing from everywhere, i finish a sketchbook in the 18 days i’ve been here (nuts!!!). On the same note, a friend ask me why i don’t post my designs on the blog(except the header, name of the piece is the Original), and i realized that i haven’t yet. So… I’ll be posting some (sketches) projects and designs i’m working on. (especially the skate+snowboards designs, CEOs and buyers be on the lookout)

So…yeah…again sorry for the long silence, i’ve seen some pretty amazing stuff lately just overwhelmed, can’t settle to post about it. The Diary is live again, one more city, more experiences.


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