Back at it…for now.

ok ok ok, i said i would be posting on a timely manner but it didn’t really happen…sorry about that. Before i go any further…

Merry Xmas to you and your families, Many blessings for this holiday season.


i’ve been doing a lot of research and presentation on the topic of In-game advertising( my next post is going to be a summary of one my latest presentation on the topic) also, i’ve been looking into that advertising $+Consumer+recession picture (a summary of that in the next post too) i’m curious to find out what people think, especially that the new year is coming. As a strategist, it’s important for me to know what people think of the topic.

Also i just got signed up as a writer for a japanese TV show(weird couldn’t get anything when i was there but now…) hum…speaking of Japan, i also got this gig here writing, producing, costume designing and art directing these plays for a Japanese group. I’m working on a t-shirt design concept for the group(identity work) very excited about it. I’m going viral with the campaign, we just shot some videos and that should be up soon (my time soon…lol) oh well good things going i think.


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