Image editing new Addition part II

a while ago i talked about pixelmator after reading some reviews. Well i finally got my hands on the software today and i have to say that it’s a promising little one.

First attempt

First attempt

[Messing around with pixelmator for an hour and i got a series of poster on the theme of Ballet, this is one of the pieces(out of 4). they’re all black and white with a dash a purple. Simple, nothing fancy yet… picture from ]

I don’t know how to use it properly yet, (Got it a couple hours ago) but i played around with it for an hour just to look at what was available and what was lacking. First thing, the layout and interface have less clutter and are pretty smooth.

I read somewhere that they added grids and rulers, but i couldn’t find them;then again i just got the thing so… Brushes are pretty limited but you can create your own, i’m not sure yet to what extent but i will look into that. The one thing that’s pretty cool is the extensive font bank availalble from the get go. The filters are pretty cool too.

I will keep playing around with it and i’m sure to find some interesting things, maybe i’ll add a new Pixelmator category to this blog. Yeah!

Come back for more. : }


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