Mais Printing house X Mohallem/Artplan = Avoid disappointing results

Here’s a serie of execution for the Mais printing house: Haircut, surgery and tattoo. The work was successfully executed by the nice people over at Mohallem/Artplan. This campaign is not trendsetting but the execution is well done, if you look carefully you’ll notice that they’re holding a copy, HD copy of the reflection play off of the quality of the print and a mirror, clever! Good job on the execution.

Here are the credits:

Advertising Agency: Mohallem/Artplan, São Paulo, Brazil
Agency website:
Creative Director: Eugênio Mohallem / Head of Art: Marcus Kawamura
Art Director: André Batista
Copywriter: Rodrigo Resende
Illustrator: André Batista, Ellyson Lifante e Caio Miranda
Photographer: Guto Nóbrega
Retouching: Ariê Magalhães
Published: August 2010

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