Cadbury Boost X GPY&R Melbourne= Smooth Pants

Cardbury Australia is sporting a new campaign that’s nothing less than fantastic. Featuring a helpless, low self-esteem college student and a 6 foot tall chocolate bar as roomates. “Epic” stories i tell you.

There are five ads in the series and this is my favorite of the five:

Study Buddy:

You can watch the rest here :

Full Credits:

ECD: Ben Coulson

Art Director: Chris Northam

Copy Writer: Simon Bagnasco

Agency Producer: Romanca Jasinski

Production Company: Revolver

Director: Tim Godsall

Exec Producer: Michael Richie

Producer: Georgina Wilson

Editing: The Editors

Group Account Director: Mike Napolitano

Head of Planning: Kate Smither

Head of Digital Planning: Luc Wiesman

Social Media Manager: Zac Martin

Clients: Mike Busutill, Kate Watson, Trevor Newman

Media Agency: Carat


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