Nokia X User creativity = Push Skating

While we wait for that cool piece of infographics i promised you, here’s one video i think is going to blow up in the upcoming weeks. I think popularity will come slowly but this is a great viral video, or is it? Now if i may, i think they should have done a lower res/small budget video to give it more authenticity. Great idea, good execution (i think) but, but…too much went in the production, should have kept it to “the streets”. The sound effects are genius though. Love it. I would love to create content for this product. Maybe i should submit a treatment…

Here’s what Nokia had to say about it on their page:

The Nokia PUSH project is a celebration of ingenuity and open technology.

PUSH Skating takes the world of skate games away from the games console and back to the streets by allowing skaters’ boards to communicate with their N8 to score every single little move they make.

[will share the Nokia snake on  a building video next]


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