Best Ads of the Weekend #1

I don’t watch as much Tv as i used to, which is kind of weird…Well i did watch some Tv this weekend, and obviously the only thing i watched were commercials (and the show Community, the smartest, yet funniest show on Tv) It gave me the opportunity to compile what i think were the best commercial this weekend. I no specific order here are this past weekend top 5.

This one came out 3 weeks ago, but i only saw it this weekend. Introducing the 2011 Lexus IS: Drum track

Meet Mayhem, get insurance and be protected from him/her/it (lol) :

Old Dodge commercial, still a goodie: “Semi-Hemi”

New spicy chicken launch party (shout out to TRG)

Burger King Breakfast march:

So there you have it, my top fav from last weekend. I will try to watch Tv more often. In the meantime here’s a bonus video, you can only find this one online. Hard to watch, but the message is clear. PSA for domestic violence: “It rarely stops”


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