Diesel: Be Stupid (Part 2)

Few months ago i posted what i thought was the best print series for Diesel Be Stupid campaign.The campaign was created last winter by the British advertising agency Anomaly, who won the Outside Award at the Cannes Lion 2010 for the first batch of the Be Stupid serie. Still relevant and duplicated (see my post on MTV’s less cooler attempt at copying it) Well guess what they released a new series of print. Same theme, different execution, and now that they’re obsessed with Ass-Kicking i don’t know that the prints are better or worse? you be the judge. Amazing works, but in my book the first series of print was the best.


2 responses to “Diesel: Be Stupid (Part 2)

  1. Stupid is smart, based on fashion house and famous jean brand DIESEL. After their inciteful ads campaigns and sex sells viewpoint to stay them on top, It is no big surprise that their most recent ad marketing campaign “the stupid philosophy” is equally as avant garde.

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