Diesel Ass kicking mindset

Diesel (brand)

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We all know that Diesel makes shoes, but it looks that they have a feeling that their shoes kick ass, as in are very cool. I didn’t expect them to take it literally, but then again, that’s a stupid idea…Oh yeah…Diesel is with Stupid. Does that make Diesel stupid? I have to admit that these videos are funny, except that video produced by Santo, kinda creepy…A big ass shoe, chasing a big ass butt…too much ass in that sentence and in that video.



This one is a little less stupid but kinda is:

The Dying Swan’s Ass

I understand that stupid is cool, and they’re with stupid, but i think there should be a threshold, because some of the ads in this series are so stupid they’re borderline lame. Just saying.

Diesel Kick Ass Study #7

I mean really? Ass wobbling per second? Excuse me for not being an asskick-ologist, or a booty-ologist. Creep!

oh and in case you missed or maybe you’re wondering what’s going on and where they are going with this, here’s the “Be Stupid” Manifesto (actually very well done, except for the type motion that could have used more creativity) to get you situated with the campaign.

Are you with Stupid? I know i am, but to a certain extent.


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