Best Ads of the Weekend #2

So here we are with another round of my favorite ads of this past weekend. I am not sure where i’m going with this series but who knows maybe one day we’ll reach a hundred of these.

Anyway here they are in no particular order:

Target Cheese commercial, “who Loves Broccoli”:

(ok i lied, this is my favorite ad of september)

Progressive Insurance “better with age” (second best, haha)

Progressive Insurance: “The specialist”

The Bud light playbook (Shout out to DDB Chicago, are you hiring?)

FedEx Airport Security Ad: (a little slow, but i liked it)

As far as online ads are concerns, here are my favorites:

Very strong ad, comparing fast food to drugs. Australia is on another level with PSA (Public service announcement) Produced by Precinct Studios:

Toyota Camry, so good they’re showing on TV now.

In homage to a discussion with my young padawan Killjoy here are some ads that are missing something, in my humble opinion:

Farmers insurance: “We are insurance”

I mean they got a great actor (J.K Simmons), under-acting…what’s up with that? i mean these are semi-charming i’m sorry. Did somebody said long? (i heard it)

FedEx Office : “Retirement”

as much as i liked the airport security episode, i found this one dull and somewhat boring


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