Love Story

Hey world, today i woke up with a big smile on my face, enjoyed a delicious cup of blueberry yogurt and asked my self, Gee(lol) why am i so happy? i think it’s because i talked to my ma(with southern accent) today and it felt great. But it was more to it. As i looked in the mirror i saw a young man with all his hair. Believe it or not, boldness is a disease and it’s real! I have friends who are bold and embrace it, but some don’t. And to those who are ashamed of it. The solution comes from this beautifully produced ad from Publicis Jakarta, Indonesia. I have to say that the print ad itself is commendable. Good Job!

Neril Aminexil Print Ad

Neril Aminexil: Love Story

Full Credits:

Advertising Agency: Publicis, Jakarta, Indonesia
Executive Creative Director: Randy Rinaldi
Creative Directors: Arief Mardianto, Roy Sagala
Art Director: Arius Budiman
Copywriters: Dono Yuniarto, Randy Rinaldi
Agency Producers: Tresna Waritsa, Salmon Indria
Film Director: Gandy Abimael
DOP: Yadi Sugandhi
Producers: Wendy Lona, Sitha Shanti, Henny Hastuti
Production House: RT Films
Post House: G1 Post
Musician: Larry (Egg+)
Published: September 2010


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