Best Ads of the weekend #3

Hello world,

when i started this series it was in response to me shifting away from what made me who i am…(deep) in order to gain that Ad power back. I still don’t know how far this is going to go, and how it’s going to shift, change, adapt and evolve with time, but until then please enjoy my selection of the top ads of the weekend. Feel free to add you favorite into the comment box.

Chef Boyardee “Blankee” commercial

When i first saw this ad i was suprised by the blankee’s personality. Sarcastic like me. Got to love him. Also i don’t know if this is taking a shot at the whole snuggie movement.

McDonalds Spaceman Stu commercial

The art direction on this puppy is pretty amazing. Needless to say the whole animated feature is really what caught my eye. I’m Lovin’ it.

Trident layers “Mint”

Ok this Ad is plain ridiculous and this is probably why i like it. Getting paid in Trident layers?Really? oh well i guess some people are into that stuff, whatever tickles your fancy. I have to say it’s a pretty funny ad. Mad props to you guys.

Campbell’s Soup “It’s amazing what soup can do”

This commercial sums up every dieters need, goals, and ambition. It also shows, provided baby step into a healthier lifestyle. Love it!

Reese’s “Halloween Nightmare”(recycled commercial from last year)

This is by far my favorite Ad this weekend. There’s something about Reese’s Ads, they’re always well executed and perfectly on point. How do they stay consistent like that? i don’t know. All i can say is good work. The message is clear for every Reese’s/chocolate lover.

*can’t find it, anywhere*


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