Charlatan & Charlatanism

If there’s one thing, one thing i hate the most on this planet, are worthless wannabes, un-educated , opportunist, one-time wonder charlatans. I mean i really hate their guts. For those of you who don’t know what a charlatan is, it’s a lower class citizen practicing what is called quackery, puffery, or plain lies to obtain money, favors or anything else it is that he/she need. On the flip side, some would say it strangely resemble advertising…well hold your horses buster, it’s not even close.

Let’s start with a small  history lesson. Charlatan, as a word is believed to have originated in France, with street vendors, selling medicines and other goods using a well elaborated performance, think outdoor stage show with “booth babes” (i hate that expression). I know, i know, we’re getting closer to what advertising does. But trust me it has nothing to do with it.

The truth is, Charlatans are a superior class of salesperson, and that’s precisely why i hate them. I mean i know i’m still in my rookie years but geez, those guys are good, so good they’re gifted. I mean these guys elevated the sales pitch to an art form without any proper training in the field. They use pseudoscience, big words, and any other means necessary to sell you things that they can’t actually do, or things they can half-ass perfectly. I’m pretty sure that if you take a minute to think about it, there’re plenty of people that fit that description in your social network.

At this point i want to acknowledge that from an advertising perspective, we all probably had a charlatan period. I mean seriously. Remember those college days where you didn’t really have the skills to take on these big projects but pretended you could so that you could build your resume….yeah exactly. The difference lies in the fact that for the most part we evolved from that stage and worked on our craft looking up to the day when we will become the expert in our field of choice.

Unfortunately, those of us that evolved, and chose to work on our craft, the right way, are the ones struggling the most, in the sense that we know what’s right, we know our limits, and we’re always willing to improve and learn and that takes time. On the other hand, for some strange reason Charlatans (or Hacks, our industry standard appellation for them) are the most successful ever. It’s like stuff just fall on their lap. I guess what makes them successful to a certain extent is their ability to surround themselves with the right people after their made a quick buck/big impression. I mean, if you’re hack, but your assistant is brilliant, you look brilliant after all the work has been completed for you. I can rant about this for days, but i think i should stop here.

What i’m trying to express here, is the truth and rationale behind hard work: IT PAYS OFF! Shortcuts only result in shortcomings.  No your limits and do things the right way,  going all the way, every time and you will be rewarded in due time. I know it, they know it, and that’s why charlatans are scared of us.

In the meantime my advice to you is to be friends with Charlatans/hacks, i would go to the extent of working for them, but you could.(can’t believe i’ve just said that) Why? Simply because one day you will inherit all their clients…and baby that payday is going to be golden.


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