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Between the month of September coming to an end and me sobering up from one of the craziest birthday weekend I’ve had in years (I think my birthday in Japan, will never be topped, or hasn’t yet…) I thought it would be a good idea to sum up the best viral videos on the net for the month of September (and early October since they jump in anyway). Before we do that I think it’s important to understand the rationale behind a viral video.

Now, it is my understanding that the whole viral movement started with people just trying to make a name for themselves by producing ads for their favorite brands. It then slowly evolved into a showcase of creative brand placement, or situational branding if you want.

There’s a lot of new player in this ranking. I mean we are far from the Old Spice’s “revolutionary” work. People want more than just interaction, or pretty images, or a unique sense of humor (I mean summer is over). I feel like the success of viral campaigns for the coming months will rely heavily on man made “unbelievable” achievements. What I mean by that is the interest is going to rise from the feeling that consumers themselves or someone in their social network might be able to pull off what they see on the screen.

Leader of this new school are none other than the nice people at DC shoes. To a certain extent their viral videos sits at the core of what their audience’s daily use of their products looks like.

Take the launch video of the “Playbook” by RIM for example. RIM takes pride in being the number one provider of solution for the business world. In a business savvy environment it was only a matter of time before their introduce the “business tablet”. They did, and did it oh so brilliantly. That video does everything a viral is meant to do: Built up anticipation, provided information on key features, and most importantly created a conversation.  Knowing that the number of blackberry users still outnumbers the iPhone users we can guess that The Playbook might reflect that in the sells in comparison to the iPad. (But we’re not there yet) –Food for thoughts-

I might be wrong here; I mean I’m just a rookie, with an utopist view of the advertising world. Maybe the key to a good viral is a catchy song with choreography, puppies and children. (Back in school they said that you couldn’t go wrong with puppies and children)

No, I’m not wrong. The right viral will make consumers take their butt off the computer, or mobile (notice I didn’t mention Tv) to spur motivation to actually go interact with the product to create their own cool content to be proud of. If you’re not able to make it happen in the next quarter…you might lose some business.  Just saying.

Now that my two sense is out of the way, here is my ranking by relevance (and  a bit of numbers):

#1 DC Shoes Gynkhana three – 13,689,982 views (simply because old spice can’t Gymkhana) 

#2 Blackberry Playbook

#3 Axe Clean your balls

#4 Nokia, It’s what you do with it

#5 The Tippex experience, Shoot the bear (by far the most interactive, creative call of action in a while)

There you have it, these are in my book the best viral brands out there. It is important to note that in my book i don’t go by the number(maybe a little bit) but by the conversation starters and those that are able to stay relevant in what i think is a shifting point in viral videos. I encourage you to disagree with me and make your own ranking, or better, tell me the limitations of my point.

In the next post we’ll look at the viral video to watch (as they are rising fast)


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