Canon + Dstrukt = Bringing Color to Life

One of my favorite director, (one of what i think are the leaders of the new school) Dstrukt (aka Christopher Hewitt) just completed an amazing project for Canon. This commercial was and is amazing in every sense. I remember the first time i saw it; i thought it was motion graphics, but then i told myself that it could be but it’s not. And i was right, It’s actual footage of paint reacting to a sound wave. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

Bringing Color to Life

Agency: Dentsu, Director: Chris Hewitt, Production Co: Knucklehead, Producer: Darren Tuohy, Dop: Jason Tozer, Creative: Andy Lockley / Doug Lyon, TV Producer: Bethany Wilcox, Production Manager: Michael Choudhury, Post Production: Nice Biscuits, Editing House: The Quarry, Editor: Ted Guard, Music: Keith Kennedy at Major Tom


Here’s a behind the scene look at this visual goodness. The simplicity, yet complexity of the process is what makes this project amazing. The creative thinking, preparation and production that went in this puppy is inspirational.


I know what i want to be when i grow up.


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