Best Ads of the Weekend #4

Wow, it's been a while since i've done one of those...totally not cool. So here we go.

These are the ads that caught my eyes this past weekend. Some are here just because they're pretty to look at, some are here because they're well executed and others because they get the point across and hit that sweet spot. In no particular order, here's my selection of best ads of this past weekend.


Nissan Juke “Donut Action”

[This to me was the clear winner for this past weekend.] Cheesy action stereotypes, donuts, wannabe spy, can’t go wrong with that mix. We’re only missing a couple of explosions and a “save the puppy” shot for an award here.


Chase Slate "Expecting"

The execution, story and direction is flawless on this one.

Kia Soul "Black Sheep"

This is an old one but it's always a pleasure to see it on Tv. I think the execution doesn't need an intro. Enjoy!

Jimmy Johns "Road side assistance"

This is also an old commercial, 2 years old to be exact, but it still runs, yeah that good. Love the execution, the message is clear. Good Job!

Mitsubishi Outlander online test

Nothing short than amazing, the experience was simply great. Great viral value, conversation starter, shelf value, top of mind, innovative you name it this commercial and project hast it all. GREAT, GREAT JOB!!

Kayak "Back Story"

Speaks for itself!

Call Of Duty: Black Ops "There's a soldier in all of Us"


Now this is some major fire power. Hey it’s CoD week get with the program!

So there you have it, hope you enjoyed it.



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