Hermes X Alexis Milant = Fingerskate

This is the latest campaign from Hermes, putting on display their latest collection through Fingerskating. Simply original and refreshing. Enjoy!

Ok this is just mind blowing. Not in the sense that it’s something new, but in the sense that it’s a creative way of using and existing subculture. I mean wow! At first I didn’t know what to expect when I saw the name. I was thinking something very cheesy, but “au contraire mon frère” this was really nice. This is a very clever advertising execution from Hermes. What i really like is the use of the fingerskating subculture to showcase fashion that is touched and felt, rather than worn and displayed. CLEVER!

One thing to point out, I wish they had done a better job with scoring this. I know the whole “skate” sound is cool the first few seconds, but then you take into consideration that it’s skating on Hermes product, not concrete, so why the “concrete/asphalt” sound while skating on a plate or bar of soap? Just saying.

Other than that, this is truly amazing. Great job. We want more. (at least I do)





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