OK Go- Last Leaf

First i want to say how much i admire the creative minds behind the briefs for the OK Go music videos. Second, i want to thank them for making beautiful music and last but not least, thank you for helping the video business, and keeping the creative minds and innovators busy by raising the bar of the music video (or any type of video installation) industry every time you release a new single. I mean this is just ridiculous.

With that said this is their latest video, Last Leaf. The project was directed by Geoff Mcfetridge.

I don’t even know where to start with this. I’ve seen a lot of stop motion, but this one is really cool, and unique. I think Storytelling is the most important thing in a stop motion piece. This piece right here is definitely well narrated. The mood is right, the colors are great…i don’t know guys, this tickle me in the inside, especially because it is raining where i am and this fits the overall mood.

Once again Great job, and keep them coming.



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