Projection Mapping & Social media

Hello world,

Sorry for the long silence. I’ve been quite busy lately juggling between all my lives…(story of a life) and it’s going to be a little while before we get back to our regular schedule. In the mean time I thought I would send a little update on what’s going on.

For starters I’ve been contracted to make a presentation / lecture on the impact of projection mapping on social media. Those who attend my weekly “social push” meeting know that i’ve been working on ways to get consumers off they laptops, mobiles, and tablets to go out and purchase or interact with a product. I believe that projection mapping (and other subculture techniques of that genre which are about to go mainstream) can drive consumers to go out and act. (call to action type of thing) If you don’t know what projection mapping is, you can find a good example here:

This was an initiative from Nokia to promote OVI maps. Note that i say good example. This had the potential to be great! But i will get in details in my presentation on their shortcomings. I will post it here for review for those who are interested.

The next thing is photography. I had the opportunity to meet some very cool photographers over the past few weeks, and i might get featured on a big production, keeping our fingers crossed.

Also i got the chance to meet with some very smart guys, and we talked about the possibility of creating an online brand. A Promising project that i will touch on again soon.

Finally, I’ve been writing treatments lately, and a commercial got clearance. They’re going through the whole “picking a director” to shoot the commercial as we speak. Production should start mid December. Really excited over here if you can’t tell.

yeah so there you have it. The big thing is that projection mapping presentation, the commercial is next. Be on the look out.



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