Wanderlust X Little India(Singapore) = Epic Vacation

Hello world,

Today i want to talk about my favorite place in the whole World. Singapore. It’s hard to explain to people who haven’t been there yet, but if you have you know what i’m talking about.

For starters it happen to be the melting pot of Asia. If South Africa is the rainbow nation, Singapore is the Melting pot Country. The people, the fashion, the food, the entertainment, the shopping (don’t even get me started with the shopping experience) Singapore has it all. Think Hong Kong but cheaper. If you haven’t been to Hong Kong yet, your life needs excitement. (just saying)

Anyway, today I’m just reminiscing of the good times i had there. I just wanted to share a new favorite spot in little India (i think the most visually striking/cultural area of Singapore, in my humble opinion). It’s not a hotel, It’s Wanderlust.

Wonderlust is a whole experience on it’s own. The energy, the vibe, the people and the design are just out of here. For the creative mind, this is inspiration galore. A tad pricey  but hey, money well spent if you ask me. Anyway, they’re buzzing right now. So if you get a chance to go to Singapore, looking for a place to sleep, eat, or be inspired…there you have it. Did I mentioned It’s located in Little India. (can’t ask for more if you ask me)

Check out their website, it’s an experience on it’s on too.


I’m going back to Singapore this coming year, not sure when yet but somewhere around March/April or Summer (Mandatory stop in my asia trip). Still up in the air, but really excited just about the thought of going.



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