Huggies – “Soirée”

Hello world,

Happy New Year, best wishes and the whole sha-bang. It’s been 17 days since the year started, i’ve been touring Europe doing a bit of Soul searching. I won’t bore you with that but will say this:! I missed it and promise to come back.

On to the next one. The year is starting off right, yet again. Last year, the Diesel Be Stupid campaign came out around this time, and change the way we looked a stupidity for the rest of the year. This early in the year, Huggies is bringing “cute back”. The execution is directed by MJZ‘s Fredrick Bond with visuals signed by MassMarket commissioned by JWT New York.

Full credits.

This “still frame carousel” technique became popular a couple of years back with Philips when they “blew” our mind back in late 2008. Since then, a lot of movies, Tv shows (CSI Vegas), Music videos (T-Pain) have used it and customized it to fit their needs. Are we to say that’s going to be the technique of choice for 2011? I mean in the past couple of months only we’ve seen three major execution with this technique. Only time will tell. If you ask me, the use of DSLR Camera for Filmmaking has played a major role in redefining industry standards and most importantly, techniques.

Still motion, Frozen motion, and motion graphics are going to play a big role this year in everything you will see. As matter of fact, i’m going to go further and predict a new style: “interactive still motion”(working name, remember where you heard it first). A combination of Augmented reality, projection mapping and stills images. Giving the opportunity to consumers/the audience to control the story line in realtime. Weird? sure. Possible? most definitely. How do i know? i’ve been secretly working on it. oooh Snap! lol

Anyway, i’m alive and blogging and welcome to the new year.



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