Best Ads of the Weekend #6

It’s been a while since i’ve made one of these so here we go.

Last weekend was my first weekend back stateside after a crazy Euro tour. Though the creative juices are different in Europe (much to my liking) i have to admit that i missed US creatives. So here are some of my fav from last weekend.

Coup de Coeur this past weekend for the new Redbull campaigns. Each execution is finally(in my opinion) getting close the their claim of fame “Redbull gives you wing”. I think that these executions are by far the best they’ve completed to date. See for yourself.

Redbull Zebra

Redbull Confession

(this one is even more surprising)

So there you have it. Redbull gives you wing.

Direct Tv-Superhero

After their groundbreaking cyborg commercial (the execution was) the team is back with a new spot. I was surprised by the story line. (read i didn’t see it coming)

With the superbowl around the corner, i’m going to a have a couple of post dedicated to superbowl commercials. One post will deal with the fluctuation around the price of a superbowl Tv spot, and the other a tribute to the best superbowl ads.



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