Live the Language

hello World,

Coup de coeur for this video that i found on the web about learning new languages. I love learning new languages and currently speak 4 international languages (i don’t like this sentence). In my experience, i’ve found that the easiest way to learn a new language is to date a native speaker. Of course that’s cheaper than actually moving to the country of interest to get the full experience. (if you can afford it, go for it and own it!)

These videos are a series of shorts produced for a linguistics internship (under Education First), and i think that they’re very well executed and tell the story of the learner perfectly. Gustav Johansson directed these puppies, kud0s! I would also like to salute the typography works of Albin Holmqvist .Je vous invite donc a vivre la langue.

A Paris:

In London

En Barcelona

In Beijing (i’m thinking about learning Chinese)

So go out there and learn, and live the language of your dream.

[By the way this was the 100th post, yay!]


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