Best Ads of the Weekend #8 (superbowl edition)

Hello world,

After the biggest weekend in advertising, i think i took enough time to digest and clear my judgement to bring you in my opinion what were the best ads of the weekend. A lot of good work was submitted this year, unfortunately not all of them made my cut. My criteria are pretty simple : storytelling, humor, execution. With the baseline established, here we go.

Doritos-The Best Part (in the category Best creep, or plain awkward)

I mean this commercial is more creepy than funny, more awkward than cool. At the same time, i give kudos to the team because they achieved the top of mind awareness. Good job. [still creepy tho!]

Doritos-Pug Attack (best execution)

The best execution in the show. I think the build up, the timing and the choice of actors was well coordinated. Kudos to the production team here. Great job. It’s one thing to see something and paper, but to bring it to life like they did…Kudos!

Volkswagen- The Force (overall Best in Show) _ more than 22 millions views by the way

I wrote a post about this puppy here. It is in my opinion the best use of space, well executed and the storytelling didn’t disappoint. Brilliant.

Volkswagen- The Black Bettle (buzz sparker)

Now this commercial was the best execution introducing a new product. Achieved two things: created buzz, Entertained the masses. Their Youtube page is even more entertaining. Follow the link:

Chevy- Miss Evelyn (Best storytelling)

Dude! This right commercial right here brother, This commercial right brotha… was awesome. I mean anybody who has ever been in a brainstorming session [or in a pitch] knows exactly the feeling. I like that the team behind the commercial was able to communicate that feeling to the audience. I really enjoyed this commercial. The funny thing is from the first time i saw it til today i still try to come up with other alternatives faster than the two narrators. Great job.

E trade- “Enzo” and “Peppers”

I mean these guys always come up with good stuff. Seriously. I want to say this was their best job to date, but i’m sure that 3 months from now when playoff season start they will dazzle me again. They’re shamelessly putting into execution one of advertising law : babies and puppies in commercials always win. (every Ad school in America will teach you that on the first day)In this case i guess kittens and cats works too.



I think will stop here. My goal was to do this from the top of my head. Which in my opinion shows how powerful the message was. There you have it. My humble selection.

Didn’t see you favorite commercial from the show? let me know in the comments.



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