Top 5 Viral (by numbers)

Hello world,

it has been a while…i know, i know, but sometimes the real world takes toll on us and we have to step out of the digital for a bit. So much has happened since my last post that i didn’t really know where to start. Then i realized that you can’t go wrong (technically) with Viral. So I’m giving you the top 5 virals by numbers(views) not effectiveness. Yes that’s two different things. Having the numbers means you have the right exposure, effectiveness on the other hand gives you top of mind awareness and most importantly purchase intent.(just saying)

Looking at last week numbers the viral world is seeing alot of interesting changes. I mean the number one video itself is proof of change. Corning? Really? Do you know who Corning is? I meant what they do? Didn’t think so…If you’re a geek extraordinaire like me (and few others) you would know that Corning is the brilliant tech company behind those nifty iPhone and iPad touchscreen glass…ring a bell now? (Yeah that little thing that you can’t imagine your life without…)

(Back to the topic…)Corning’s viral is so unique in many ways; it steers away from all the viral cliché: no dancing/singing animals, no babies( i can’t believe it) and no half naked person ( looking at you old spice guy). just a simple happy family in their daily life. The work is signed by Doremus (look them up) and…yeah i think that’s all i have to say about this. On to the top 5 (based on last week’s numbers)

1–Corning-A day made of glass–6,320,518 views

2–Adidas-All In–3,175,511 views

3–Smartwater-Jennifer Aston goes viral–1,801,027 views

4–Sundrop-Drop it–1,242,307 views

5–Old Spice-Old spice guy is back–1,080,520


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