Wrangler–We are Animals aka STUNT

Ok, i saw this a while back, and was stunned by it. Now this is really cool. Makes me think of another commercial from Levi’s in the late 90’s with the guy and his girlfriend running through walls and stuff…remember? not important.

I really like that this campaign is bold and straight to the point. I mean Wrangler has been really “aggressive” and straight forward with the “We are animals” series. Are you an Animal? I know i’m not, or maybe i am (sometimes) but the idea is there. If  I wear these jeans, no matter the lifestyle I have, one thing is for sure: I’m protected/Unleashed. That’s what i get from it. I like it.

The campaign was conceived by a French Shop Fred & Farid. Good job guys, i’m really enjoying this. I wonder where the inspiration came from? STUNT is their third campaign for Wrangler-We Are Animals. Third after FLARE in 2009, and RED in 2010. Excellent job as always. The photograph on this project was the talented Cass Bird. One more time: Great Job!


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