Best ads of the weekend #9

hello world,

wow, it’s been a minute since i’ve done one of these huh…I guess the last one was the superbowl edition post…(great one). Anyway i (had to) cleaned up a lot of things in my environment (life, work, hobbies…) and (intend to be) i’m more focus (dedicated) to my brand. So April is going to be heavy with branding (Ntabo0) but more on that next week.

This post is more of a compilation of the best ads of the past 3 weekends. Since I’ve been compiling a list but i just didn’t get around to post anything. As always if you’re favorite Ad is not listed, don’t forget to post it in the comments here or on facebook. I noticed a lot of people been posting their comments on Facebook. ( Much appreciated but, I encourage you to use this real estate more)


Ok the spokesperson for the nation wide commercials aka “The greatest spokesperson” is probably my new favorite character in the Ad world. He’s a real, genuine, funny…DORK!(like me) and i love it! They did a great job on translating their dedication onto that character. Love it!

[OK side note: it all started about a year ago when they introduced him with this video]

Now he’s back and this is what it does:

For the record this commercial is 7 months old.

Ok one more for the road looool He’s such a dork (love it!!)

Kraft Macaroni and Cheese

They scored big with this one. I don’t think I have been excited over a food commercial since last year Target‘s broccoli commercial (that one was epic, you can find here on my blog and no i’m not linking to it, search it yourself you lazy a**, that’s right i called you names)

Here’s the first and in my opinion best execution in this serie

“Dinner deception”

Honorable mention

Dodge Durango

OMG! this commercial right here…geez just watch and listen, listen to the voiceover.

“Where has it been?”

I remember watching this commercial over and over and over again 3 weeks ago. (i just did while writing this post) The writer on this is my new hero. Best in show this weekend. (shoo! This month)

[I’m in the process of revamping my book and putting it out there. I’m “spoofing” this for my brand (just so you know)]

Direct TV

remember “Epic win?” yeah you do, the russian millionaire with the baby giraffe (“Opulence i has it”…lool)From the direct Tv commercial last summer…remember now? (well it’s somewhere here on the site on the previous best ads) ANYWAYS he is BACK, and well, it’s Epic Win. “no pain, no pain…” loool he’s my kind of buddy.

“I am epic Win”

See the giraffe working out too? AWESOME!


This is interesting. I believe in the ancient ways of the 忍び (shinobi). The old philosophical question “is the pen mightier than a sword” (parodied by pop culture by “bringing a gun to a sword fight”) is well played here. This works well for the brand and the direction they’re going with this series. Good job. But for the true “connoisseur” ( <— i hate that i wrote that word perfectly in french and it auto-corrected to this weird english word–sigh) of japanese folklore this question has no answer.

“Is the pen mightier?”


SNICKERS Peanut Butter Squared

As I am getting ready to moderate a couple focus groups next month, this commercial really hit that sweet spot with me. I love the humor, the characters and most of all the serenity of the Moderator. Gee i want to be like her when i grow up. Moderating focus groups is very nerve wracking and stressful, can’t imagine moderating sharks. Well thought out, well executed. A+

“Focus Group”


There you have it. This is my selection for the best ads of the weekend. Let me know what you think, like, hate about this list. Let’s keep the conversation going. On another note, i’m thinking about stretching this list to other markets, i’m thinking France and Japan for now…I haven’t figured out a way to make it work yet but when i do…well, you’ll notice.

Until then eat more ラーメン (ramen), 豚骨 ラーメン ( Tonkotsu ramen/pork soup ramen) is my favorite.



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