Brands “Crowd Sourcing”: Friend or foe?

The trend of marketers relying on the wisdom of crowds to create marketing campaigns is escalating as PepsiCo turns over the choice of agencies for three product launches to the masses, ramping up the potential threat to ad shops bypassed or relegated to a supporting role in implementing the resulting efforts.

In a contest they hosted last year, Mtn Dew handed off marketing duties, at least temporarily, for a $100 million-plus business to several potentially unknown players selected by consumers. Via the contest, any agency, independent film company or individual could submit 12-second clips via outlining their ideas for marketing three new Mtn Dew line extensions.Mtn Dew is adamant that the new effort will not impact its relationship with agency of record BBDO Worldwide, noting that it has been a part of Dewmocracy from the beginning and continues to play an important role in the process.

†Cogito†:I think that it’s interesting that Mtn Dew (but also Doritos, Harley Davidson, etc) takes a chance at involving its audience in the message creation process. It creates an unique emotional attachment to the brand. Consumers like to know their opinion matters and is taken into consideration. Crowd sourcing has this beautiful element that it allows agencies to gather information that are crucial to an effective message. It is now important that agency don’t feel threaten but embrace, experiment and adopt this new trend, keeping in mind that it might apply to all type of product.



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