Case study “ASOS Facebook Store”

Hello world,

I have been quietly looking at some of the “current trends” (talked about some of them last year in a memo that i can’t share here for legal reason) and I have to say some of them are just poorly executed. Great ideas, but poor, poor execution. On the other hand some are surprisingly great. Today i want to focus on one of these trend, the “Facebook Store”: the mix of social media and shopping all in one experience.

Alot of great brands tried to make the most of their facebook platform. Engaging their audience in brand new ways. Diesel, Namco, and EA are a few brands that are doing things differently. Unfortunately (in my opinion) their efforts become quite standard, besides everybody is copying them so…copycats galore. Enter ASOS (leading UK online retailer) with what I think is game changer.

Roughly two months ago, Asos became the First store to be fully integrated into Facebook. I’m not talking about a Facebook page that shows you the latest collection then links up to a store for purchase. All browsing, window shopping (get it? lol) and purchase is made from within the Facebook page. Amazing. Amazing that they did it, but even more amazing is that one of my predictions for this year came to life earlier than expected. (need to update my list)

The shopping experience is pretty interesting. You get to browse to whole collection like you would on the ASOS website. The only addition or difference here is that you can share, or like a product in real time instead of push notifications. Genius! (2 pts for me. It’s kinda of overwhelming in a way.)

Another touch that enhances the shopping experience is the ability to post comments on products too (+1pt for me again. Brilliant!). Giving a new meaning to online product reviews: genuine, sincere, and most importantly REAL. The issue with other websites is the fact that you never know if the reviews are generated in-house(corporate). Well kind of hard to fake a review on Facebook ain’t it?

†Cogito†: I think this is a great execution, the first of many i’m sure. But let’s take a look at some of the things that are missing here. The idea behind shoping with your friends is the fact that you’re shopping with your friends. I understand that they made the effort of integrating “your friends” list in this app. No I’m lying they didn’t. They have this button that says invite your friends, which sends these annoying notifications (asking for permission and stuff). Well, that’s not the way you want to do this. I’m sorry.

Ideally you want one of these nifty realtime side applications, the ones that became famous with the news corporations, the pay per clicks events, and the on-demands(…you see where i’m going with this?) You need another app running within the app to tell you who’s in the store, or maybe a private chat system. Meaning that inviting your friends to shop with you will be really engaging. And will feel like, well, shopping with your friends.

I understand that this is the first execution of a Facebook store, lots of preparation went into this and that they are setting the bar pretty high already. But I can’t help but think that if you’re going to be the first person/organization/group to do something this big, you should go all in from the start. (making it hard for the competition to follow) Just saying…

Well great job. Love it.

I know what’s next. Do you?


PS: if i don’t get commissioned for the predictions/future trend this year (usually late september, early October) i’ll make it an open memo to the advertising community.


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