Best Ads of the Weekend #10

Hello world,

Hope you had a great weekend. April is here, Good weather is here, the mini shorts are back. You know what it means right? Time for best Ads of the weekend. Number 10. Oh yeah. (lool)

Anyway this is going to be a short one because i didn’t watch much TV last weekend. (By the way, some people asked me why i don’t have Prints in the mix…. I’m asking : how about adding digital/interactive pieces instead? Anyway i will consider it if i get a significant number of request. Better yet, let’s test it out)

IHOP – Kids eat free

Except the fact that this Ad is recycled from last year, it is refreshing in many ways. Short, simple, sweet and straight to point with a touch of humor.

Subway – Girlfriend

I meant to post this for a while back but i always tend to forget. I love this Ad. One because it captures one fundamental truth about guys that women (and guys themselves) don’t realize: We would go the extra mile to please, be accepted, and wow a woman. Even if that means we have to suffer from it. Two because of the voiceover, capturing the inner child in us.

Case in point:


[ Let’s test this out…]

Interactive pieces

Google Chrome –

To celebrate the launch of a new update. Google played off the old 80’s workout video humor to bring out the Chromercise. The rationale here is simple: Google Chrome is the fastest browser in the world. But for you to fully take advantage of it you need to have fast fingers. (B-R-I-L-L-I-A-N-T)

They pushed it to the next level by integrating user generated content, yes can upload your Chromercise workouts on their Youtube page. (GENIUS) I love this campaign. (matter fact i’m devoting a whole post to it in my case study section)

Nike – Cricket Yards

We were recently following the Cricket world championship. (yes i do follow and understand cricket, got a problem with that? didn’t think so) And obviously, sports giant Nike was there.

Shick Hydro – Youtube Page takeover

(current trend: take over your Youtube page through animation and code)

We’ve seen this become a trend at the end of last summer, became very popular (in my opinion) with the Nexus S campaign. Job well done by JWT here. Me like.

go check out their page here:

Lynx Excite Angel Ambush London Victoria

So this more than a week old but it’s still gold. Angels are falling from the sky and it’s all because of the irresistible scent of Axe Lynx.

I this augmented reality campaign, random people are ambushed by angels when they walk over the “scented” sign on the floor. Pretty nice. Pretty cool. Well done.

You can get more info here :

There you have it. That’s all for this past weekend. Until next weekend eat more ramen.



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