Touch the Rainbow

In the category taking interactive to the next level while playing off people sense of humor and quirkiness. Skittles just reached new heights.(sorta) I mean it’s just wonderfully disgustingly (by disgusting i really mean creepy so don’t freak out) cool.

Did you see what the text said when you tried to take off your finger? “PUT IT BACK”. Pretty cool, yet disgusting. Then again why is it disgusting? Because we’re more comfortable having cats licking our fingers? Well what about people who don’t like cats? or those who are allergic to cat hair(like me)? As soon as i saw that cat i freak out and took off my finger(lame i know).

[After watching the video without my finger on the screen i came to realize that the “Put it back” message is cycling throughout the whole video.]

So what did you think?


One response to “Touch the Rainbow

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