Viral Tuesdays #1

Hello world,

day two in this week and it’s time for our weekly roundup of the best viral videos by number. I think viral tuesdays sounds good don’t you think? I feel like i’m about to start something that will get me in trouble.

Ok so the viral world is something that no one can really fully get a grasp of. There’s no one-fit-all formula on making a successful video, reason why the countdown is always changing every week. The number one from last week is not even in the top 5 anymore (Yes i’m talking about Corming…remember them? i mean what they do? right didn’t think so)

On another note the viral chart is back to the list of usual suspects: Sports brand, the guy i don’t want to smell like (because everybody does and i’m not a sheep…wait actually i’m the black sheep so go figure) a particular brand of soda…you know the usual players. The trick question is who’s on top? On to the top 5 (based on last week’s numbers)


1– ADIDAS |IS ALL IN  1,966,412 views



2–SunDrop|Dancing Commercial 1,426,253 views



3–Old Spice | Scent Vacation 998,110 views



4–Blendtec | Will It Blend? – iPad 925,635 views



5–Evian | Live Young 870,073 views



Via AdAge,  Source: Visible Measures




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