33 by ASICS™ Commercial

Good morning world,

today is a new day. As a proud Aasics fan looking for a new running/workout shoe, the lord has answered my prayer (thank you). This is more interesting for me as I just started my new original program: Miles for lunch™ (inspired by google’s Chromercise) . This shoe is “all kinds of cool” like my sister would say.

The commercial is nothing to look down upon either. The art direction, composition and execution of this bad boy fits the tag line : “Gravity, meet your archenemy”

†Cogito†: I am a fan, but i can’t help to think that this shoe looks like something i’ve seen before. Nike or Adidas i think has something that looks like it. Anyway. As far as the commercial is concern, i like it. The set up is very nice and helps build the anticipation. The tag line adds to the “suspense”. More importantly i like that they placed the actual shoe in spot before the final reveal. I mean had they skipped that, they would have lost their audience. Once again, great job.


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