The Mini rocketman concept

Hello, it’s me again.

I have been a fan of Mini cooper since the Nicky Larson (classic cult man also know as City Hunter) days. Described as the perfect getaway car in the Italian job, The cooper has quite a big following. I don’t really know how to qualify this video. It’s not quite a commercial although it could be. It’s not (in my opinion) a viral either, though it could be used as one. I would like to think this video is more of an homage to a true icon, a warrior of time and style.

If you own a cooper, offered a cooper to someone, or simply dream of owning a cooper this video my friend is for you.


I would like to salute Mischa Rozema From PostPanic for his amazing job on the direction. Kudos to him and his team. Here are some screenshots from the video.

Mini Rocketman

Mini Rocketman

Images via Fubiz


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