Case Study “Adidas Originals–Megalizer”

Since the launch of the “All in” campaign, I have to say that Adidas has been able to come up with some cool, innovative and most importantly effective executions around the globe. Today I want to take a closer look at one of their recent project. The Megalizer. The project itself could be resumed in one sentence “Tap dancing 2.o”. Actually i wouldn’t be surprise if the brief that went to the creative team/production crew said something like “we would like our users to be able to be creative while fully generating their own content. (Dancers to be able to make music with their feet)”

†Cogito†: First i would like to salute the team behind this massive project. Great job. After doing a bit of research on the project, i found out that the Megalizer where conceptualized in collaboration with the French Hip Hop scene.(Thus Fantastic Duo Les Twins, and rapper La Fouine in the video) I really like that they’ve been able to accomplish several things with this project. For starters they clearly understood, and reached their target audience. Second they’re creating interest outside of that demographic with an overwhelming cool factor. Don’t believe me? Stop and think back if you ever wanted to have an original Theme music (like in the movies) playing when you walk around or when you just did something great? (exactly) [side note, this “theme music thing” is in my opinion why the Ipod became popular in it’s early stage.]

The third aspect which is my favorite is the never ending user generated content ability topped with mindless opportunity for collaboration. BRILLIANT! Think of dancers making their own beat while building their choreography. Think of rap ciphers, in addition to beat-boxers you’ll have Megalizers. The opportunity for collaboration, and new content creation are just endless.

Now I have to say that this is not an original idea, but an original execution. Last year, Nike made a short film with a duo of Japanese DJ using the Nike Free Run+ shoes as a part of their music kit.

I will give the upper hand to Adidas because their execution is more accessible to the general audience (in a way) and at the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about. On another note, It looks easy on screen, but i’m sure there is a huge amount of coding and programing that went into making this happen. Also, instead of using an interface to manage the sound. I think that the team should have incorporated a basic sound kit in the shoe. What happen if you don’t have a computer to select or upload sound to the chip? well it becomes a regular shoe. I’m not going to touch on the boom speaker, because let’s face it: we have to be reasonable.

At the end of the day, this was and is a great execution. I really like it (a lot).


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