Hyundai+Augmented Reality=New genre milestone

Good morning world,

I’m a big fan of augmented reality. Two reasons: infinite possibilities, and it’s a conversation starter (top of mind creator, brand awareness generator). I’ve been following this new style of advertising for the past 9 months. Some call it BeamVertising, (came across that term on Adland i think) personally i just like something simpler: “Oh sh*t wtf was that?” or “OMG, OMG, OMG, twitpic-ing it!” I mean it, it’s really that breathtaking especially when it’s your first time. Unless if it’s a poor performance. (no pun intended).

Hyundai? I mean when we think of cool i’m not sure Hyunday is the first brand that comes to mind. But since the brand reset 2 years ago, they’ve been coming up with safe, good looking cars and cool commercials. This is by far their best execution. Best augmented reality piece by far to date.

Check it out:

Source PSFK

†Cogito†: This is my favorite augmented reality piece to date for several reasons. For starters the performance includes a real life actor, a real car and 3 different augmented reality pieces.(that’s gansta, lol)

The coolest thing besides the execution is the technique behind the execution. (The Geek in me was so excited when he saw this) There’s one frontal projection (horizotal) where most of the action takes place. Then the second more subtle projection provides depth of field with a scenery of moving buildings (vertically). The last projection, the “coup de maitre” projects onto the car making it visible or invisible. (BRILLIANT)

I could talk about this for days…so i will stop by saying this: The bar is set.


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