Photos by night tips and tricks

Hello world,

I’m currently crafting a little journal entry on a photo shoot I recently completed. Technically it was the worst night ever. Everything that could have gone wrong, went wrong: Broken umbrellas, lights, the police showed up and tried to arrest the models and me…(don’t ask, i will tell later) It was just awfull (the logistics was) but the pictures…OMG–Amazing!!

Here are some  shots for your appreciation:

Cool huh? I know. I have to give props to my impromptu models. They rocked heck out of my camera lol. Come back later tonight or tomorrow and the journal entry should be up. I will touch on tips to protecting your gear. How to break the ice with new models/first time models and a few things about color grading.

Hasta luego.


2 responses to “Photos by night tips and tricks

    • Thanks! Means a lot. Well, les photos font parti d’une serie d’experience avec l’eclairage nocturne. More of a learning experience for night lighting set up. Je suis assez content avec le resultat. But the story behind the set was “Big kids play at night”… Capturing the remnants of the inner child in grown ups.

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