Best Ads of the weekend #11

Hello world,

here’s another rundown of what i think were the best ads of the weekend. Less talk, more ads. Here we go.

Tv Ads

Toyota Highlander (older version)

The current version of this Ad is shorter, and there’s more dialogue between the kids. I love the “swag” on this one. really cool. The character embodies cool and the cool factor. Great job. (The editing is okay, the story line is on point)

Wheat Thins

This is also the longer cut of this commercial, the one on TV doesn’t have much interaction between the main character and the rescue party. I think i really like the non verbal communication on this one. (The editing is so-so, the grading is on point. The story is great.)

Dodge Charger – Fast Five promo (Car chases make movies better)

I love, love the storytelling on this one. The grading and editing are perfect. I’m slowly becoming a big fan on Dodge portfolio. Kudos to the team.

Direct Tv – Love Match

This is a great follow up to Robots. I love the editing/post production on this puppy. Great delivery, the story just flows. I have to applaud the choreography too. Great, great execution.

Advance Auto parts – Airbone

Great idea for this new series of ads from Advance auto parts. I have to say that i was agreeably surprised when i saw this ad the first time around. It was simply delightful.

Advance Auto parts – Speed Training

I liked this execution better than the first one. More suspense, more panache. Great editing, storytelling is on point.

Print Ads – Via Ibelieveinadv

Freddo Ice Creams: Mourning

This Ad. is. Simply. Amazing. I think it captures the essence of the feeling of loss (of a purchased item). I think we’ve  all been through that at least once in our life. Go to the store, buy some ice cream (a drink, candy whatever) and as soon as you step out of the place it just falls on the ground!(HATE THAT!)

Great Job.

Cathay Pacific Airways – The New Business Class

I think this is the best representation of space for an airline company i have seen to date. I remember working on an Ad for Air France back in the early 2000 (back in my art director days), but i’m sad i didn’t come up with this great of an execution. Great idea, great execution.

Mint Vinetu Bookstore – Become someone else

I love the composition on this campaign. The message is simple and the visual reference are meant to be cues for Hero geeks. I love the idea and the execution.

Interactive Ads

Tropicana – Energie Naturelle (France)

To showcase the natural goodness of it’s orange juice, Tropicana light up (just realized i could have spelled it “lit up”, get it? Never mind) a billboard using natural energy from Its oranges. Brilliant.


Magnum Pleasure Hunt

I can’t praise this campaign enough. It’s so incredible in so many ways that i don’t even know where to start…This is taking transmedia storytelling to new heights (maybe?). The idea is not groundbreaking but the execution is. Great job.

I invite you all to try it for yourself, truly great. Try it here: Magnum Pleasure Hunt 

Well there you have it folks. Hope you like it. Let’s keep things interesting. Comment+Tweet are welcome.



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