New Ark Mission + Olgivy & Mather Bangalore = Clothes

Hello world,

[ After publishing the last best ads of the weekend, I noticed that I have been ignoring the print ad world for a while. Big shame since i came into this Ad world through art direction and prints. It’s time to change that and feature more prints, and more inspiring photography works. You will find a new category has been added: Prints/Poster. Enjoy. ]

Olgivy in combination with New Ark Mission (or is it the other way around…yeah it’s the other way around) just published some amazing works. In order to encourage people to donate their old clothes, the created this campaign featuring children wearing the “latest street fashion” courtesy of the local trash cans. Right on time for Spring cleaning, these ads raise eyebrows and definitely send a strong message [and a call to action]

Great job.

Via Ibelieveinadv and Fubiz


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