Ntaboo[Stills] presents: “Rainbow soirée”

Hello world,

I promised you a journal entry on a shoot I recently did “Rainbow soirée”.

The premise behind “Rainbow Soiree” was to showcase how we’re all growing, becoming mature, becoming comfortable with ourselves (image+sexualityt) and yet we’re still children at heart.

When I forgot my batteries and flash shoe, I should have known that something wrong was bound to happen. Instead I powered through my set up, and set up studio in this wonderful park next to Main Street in downtown Norman. (That just sounded fancy). It was supposed to be a childish, playful and fashionable fun night. Instead everything that could go wrong went wrong that night.

The space was beautiful. A nice water park with some incredible rainbow like rings in the middle of the play area. The color combination from the rings, the pitch-dark night and my beautiful models was motivation for me to bring the best out of my imagination. But that was without taking into consideration that the elements could ruin the show.

Ruin the show they did indeed. It was awful. The Oklahoma winds were against us that night. And before we knew it, our fancy equipment got ruined. Before the shoot even started I lost 2 Pro Photo, 3 umbrellas and my good mood. IT. WAS. BAD.

Fortunately for me, my beautiful models (Elisa & Docri) were able to lighten the mood with a couple of jokes. My favorite:

–shhhhh… the wind is talking.  (Docri)

– What is he saying? (Elicia)

–I don’t know. I don’t speak wind. (Docri and Elicia at the same time) (LOOOL. apparently it was a dialogue out of Ice Age 3.)

All Smiles.

We had a great time. Jokes after jokes after jokes. Thank you Ladies.

Fun times were back in jiffy. I have to say that I was blessed by having the girls with me because some other models would just go all drama queens on me. (Which does not help)

We ended up tying the last light we had left to a post. It was the most “ghetto” looking set up, but it worked for us and the pictures turned out great. Thanks again ladies.


The moral of the story is simple. Choose wisely your location, equipment and models. That way, if something breaks, you don’t lose everything out of your shoot. (Except if the models are the one broken, then again…LOL)

[Part two of the story comes with the next entry “Head over Heels” or how the cops thought I was pimp and almost arrested me. Who knew photography was this exciting?]

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11 responses to “Ntaboo[Stills] presents: “Rainbow soirée”

  1. LOL… That was a funny story and I really love your pictures!!! They are so beautiful and I love all the color in the pictures.

  2. OMG!!!! The pictures look great!!! ButI look horrible on that picture I’m laughing ahahahaha. That’s Docri’s fault!
    I’m sorry you lost a lot of equipment on that night and I’m also glad I was able to change your mood my pimp ahahahhahahhahah.
    Good job. You really got what it takes to be a good photographer: passion for the art 🙂

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