2012 Honda civic Campaign

Hello world,

While we wait for that Best ads of the weekend #12 to be published…(don’t look at me like that, it’s  not my fault…well kinda is…lol) here’s something that i think is absolutely cool.

Honda just unleashed a new campaign for the 2012 Honda Civic. The tagline : “Each their own”. The Rationale: we all have needs, uses, and tastes specifically tailored to ourselves. Thus the introduction of 5 new Honda Civic. LOVE IT! Before we get into the why of the what. Let’s look at how they executed that wonderful idea.

The main ad

2012 Honda Civic “To Each their Own”

The side stories captivating the different lifestyles.

2012 Honda Civic “It’s good to be a Zombie”

2012 Honda Civic “Ninja”

2012 Honda Civic “Date with a Woodsman”

Ok i’m kind of overwhelmed with this. For now, i have to say my fav is the Zombie one. Just because i would never picture a zombie evolving in the manner. Spooky…no. Funny…yes! But that’s only until the luchador commercial comes out. I’m a big fan of Lucha libre. My lucha libre name would be something like “El Gordo Loco” or “Dulce de Entaboo” loool.

†Cogito†: I think these commercials are great. Great execution for a simple idea. I think that’s what creativity, or approaching a problem creatively is all about. Finding the simplest common denominator and turning it into brilliant executions. I had a discussion with a fellow advertising blogger (Killjoy) about originality. Who’s original these days? Well we argued for a bit, and came to the conclusion that it’s all repetition, but the nuance come with the execution. To me the execution is bigger than the idea itself. Because a great idea poorly executed will take away from the idea. While a bad idea, well executed, could (i said could) bring prestige. anyway, great job.


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