Best Ads Of the Weekend #12

Hello world,

how you duuurwing? (practicing my southern accent) We’re coming a little bit late with the delivery on this weeks edition of the best ads of the weekend. But hey at least we’re here. Note to the blogging world. Blogging is the radio of this generation. Never stop broadcasting and make your voice be heard!

Let’s get into this.

Tv Ads

Reebok RealFlex ’76 Buddies’ – Extended

I really like this spot because they did a great job at bringing a different side of the “running” story. We always hear about the runners and what they feel like, or don’t feel like. This time we get to hear what the shoes feel, say, and act like. Nice.

Kia Soul Hamster Commercial | Black Sheep Kia Hamsters

This is an old commercial, but it was on again this weekend. I don’t blame Kia for it. I mean this commercial has been played in all their markets from the US to Australia. It was greatly appreciated across board. Definitely one my favorite i have to see. Fun, funky, hip-hoppy…This commercial really have Soul. (get it?)

The Nokia Astound Tv Spot

Now this guy is my favorite and best in show for the past weekend. Great Choreography, strong storytelling and great representation of consumer usability.  Love it.

2011 Dodge Charger Commercial | “Test Drive” | Never Neutral

Ok, everybody knows i’m a sucker for those new dodge campaigns. I just think they are very well executed. The voice over guy is perfect and the writer is a mad genius. (every time i watch this commercial i can’t help but laugh…it’s becoming annoying…NOT!) It was a cheap shot to Mitsubishi, but i get rational behind it. A test drive, a real one can only take place behind the wheels. Period. Good job.

Print Ads

via Ibelievinadv

Foxy Asso Ultra



Tramontina – Pro Made Easy



Danacol – Don’t let the Fat Grab You



Interactive/Outdoor Ads

Tulian Condoms

Goal: People perceived Tulipan as a brand with an excellent communication but not as a safe condom. We had to demonstrate that the condoms were safe and of maximum quality.

Solution: We made the first interactive condoms postcard and placed it in the most famous pubs and discos of Buenos Aires so that people could test Tulipan’s quality and safety.

Results: We ended a long time installed prejudice, changing people’s perception and consequently raising the frequency of usage and the sales of Tulipan condoms.

Mercedes Interactive Print Ad

(By BBDO South Africa!! African creative on the come up baby YEAH! sorry i got carried away)

I wonder if the people over at Dodge saw this?

Well that’s all folks. What were you favorite ads of this past weekend?


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