Norman Music Festival 2011 ( #NMF )

Hello world,

The 3rd edition of the NMF was this past weekend and it was great. Better yet it was awesome. I really liked it this year. They shifted things around, added a couple more venues, and more interesting bands. One of them, was the very colorful, never disappointing, full of energy, whacky creative and ooh so catchy Peelander Z.

Those guys know how to get a party started, crazy, then insane. I think they took the crowd by storm with their performance. For a Japanese band to have this degree of success in the US while singing in Japanese, one can’t help to wonder how they did it. Well it’s all about strategic planning (that’s right i never switch off, I’m planner baby, it’s in my blood lol). We all know that good songs need two things: Great lyrics and a good hook. Well their strategy adds a third factor: simplicity. But their simplicity is well orchestrated, which makes their lyrics whacky and the songs catchy!Boy those songs were catchy. From: Medium rare (“how do you like your steak?/M-E-D-I-U-M Rare!/ Say what?/Medium Rare/) to “Tacos” (yo quiero mejico comida/tacos,tacos,tacos,tacos, tacos Suki! (suki in japanese means “I like”) These guys are geniuses. Great times.

Also performing during the weekend a couple of friends of mine. Soye and melissa Mcknight. Now Soye has been doing his thing for quite some time now and his shows never disappoint. So It was a good way to warm up and ease into the festival. As for Melissa (great voice) she was “freelancing” her talents as a singer for a local band, and unfortunately i don’t remember their name…i didn’t take pictures either of that performance because…well…let’s just say that my swedish friend was “Absolut”-ly having a bad influence on me at that point.

Anyway, this post was mostly to show some of the pictures i took throughout the day…and i took a lot. Curating them was not that hard because as it was getting darker, my shots were getting blurry. No pun intended. So, The Norman Music Festival through my lens. Here we go.



Soye and the crew rocked it!

Random Shots of Coolness around the Festival

Setting up the stage

Sporting his Mexican pride

The Mexican Pride

Nice Set of wheels

the coolest wheels in show

Friends making new Friends

Friends making new Friends

The director's cut

The Director's cut

The Beard

The Beard

The Cool

The cool

Ninja Turtle

Teenage ninja Turtle

The president was there.

the president was there.


The cute


The homie Tri

Peelander Z

From the back as i'm fighting to get to the front

Getting Closer

Setting up Mad tiger

MAD Tiger in costumes

Tacos, Tacos, Tacos, Tacos, Tacos Suki!

The Finale. Otsukare same deshita ("Good work")


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