The importance of comparative Shopping “selon” Publicis Conceil

Hello world,

it’s a new day, i just got out of a crazy sale hosted by the school of architecture here in Nompton. (was cool,cool,cool) First I went there thinking i will just look around and make up my mind later. I knew what I wanted for my place: Desk, table, cool chairs, and some stools. So I looked around the usual stores last night just to have a price range. I went out this morning and ripped it! Well not really. I found some essential pieces (red office chairs, they are omg…) Bref. Knowing what the competition was offering around town, I was able to spend wisely and settle for the essentials. What does that have to do with this Publicis Conseil? Check out this ad.

The moral of the story is: You can shop around, but keep your sources to yourself. LOL Not so funny if you’re the dad. I love this Ad. Great job.



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